Test Preparation

At Key Academy Prep, we believe that with the proper support, all students can succeed on standardized tests. Our expert tutors can help you master the necessary material, as well as feel calm and confident on test day.


100 %
Top 5 Percentile
Our students have made great progress, many scoring in the top percentiles of standardized tests.

Exam Preparation

While most standardized test preparation focuses on following a set course of “tips” and “shortcuts,” Key Academy Prep understands that each student is a unique learner. After your initial diagnostic test, we create an individualized learning plan, with scheduled follow-up diagnostics to assess your improvement along the way. After each diagnostic, we review your progress and help you understand the “how” and “why” behind your incorrect responses.

Throughout, you will also be learning strategies to help you feel more confident on test day.

Our students have made extraordinary progress. 100% of our students have seen their scores increase after working with us, many scoring in the top percentiles of standardized tests.

Individualized Test Prep or Small Groups

Most students prefer to learn one-on-one. However, we understand that some prefer to prepare for test day along with friends or family members. Key Academy Prep offers small group test prep sessions for groups of two to six students.

Test Prep for College Planning

The SAT and ACT remain major factors in the admissions process at nearly all universities. In order to build the best possible application, we highly recommend pairing our Test Prep services with our College Planning services. Key Academy Prep can help you determine which of the two main standardized tests is best for you, as well as prepare you for supplemental exams, such as APs, IBs, the TOEFL, or SAT Subject Tests.

Complimentary Diagnostic Exams

The first step in your test prep journey is to take a diagnostic test. Key Academy Prep offers complimentary in-person group diagnostics for all of our exams three times a year: in May, August, and November. Please check our calendar to register for an upcoming diagnostic test date.

You can also schedule an individual diagnostic, online or in-person, at any time. Please inquire below for more information.

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For over two decades, our staff has helped hundreds of students improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. Our team is ready to help you!