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Key Academy helped me immensely with understanding the little details in Math, History, and Science. They also supported me while I was studying for my ACTs and SATs by helping me with practice tests and strategies to use during the test. Key Academy always makes their students feel special even with the little accomplishments. They have always made me feel safe and welcomes whenever I am with them. Key Academy not only helped me with being able to pass my classes in high school, but it also helped me grow more confident in my work.
Key Academy Prep Student
My son needed a homework helper/tutor starting in 6th grade and fortunately we found Key Academy Prep. Carolyne went to great lengths to meet and get to know my son so she could find a good match and she did! My son had the same tutor for over four years and it made all the difference for him. He became more confident in handling his schoolwork and received better grades across all subjects. Our sincerest thanks to Carolyne and the whole crew at Key Academy Prep!
Key Academy Prep Parent
I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me! I truly would not be where I am today without Key Academy and all the help I have received. 
Key Academy Prep Student
Thank you Key Academy Prep for all your help. Key Academy Prep really helped me improve my grades in all my classes (Algebra I and II, Spanish, English, and Science). They worked with me to make sure I was better organized and prepared to succeed throughout middle and high school. My tutor was awesome and I'm so glad my mom found them!
Key Academy Prep Student

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