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Key Academy Prep offers superior college planning services to high school students deciding where to attend college or university.

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College Planning Process

The college planning process is one of the most important and consequential journeys a high school student can undertake. It comprises much more than simply filling out forms, taking standardized tests, and securing recommendations. At Key Academy Prep, our expert college planners will start by assessing your strengths and interests, matching you to appropriate colleges and universities around the world. We will assist in building the best college resumé to set you apart from the hundreds of applications received by each school. We will recommend academic schedules and assist you in finding appropriate summer enrichment or community service opportunities. And when the time comes, we will ensure that your applications and essays present you in the best possible way.
10th Grade Spring
10th Grade Summer
11th Grade Fall
11th Grade Spring
11th Grade Summer
12th Grade Fall
12th Grade Spring

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Our college planning program is designed to complement our test prep and academic support services. Ideally, we prefer to begin the planning process late sophomore or early junior years, giving us ample time to prepare for standardized tests, strengthen the extracurricular resumé, and find the best school for you.

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